A jurassik park in the dubai garden glow

dubai animatronic dinosaur

Dubai’s architectural and entertainment madness never ceases to amaze us, and now we are amazed with the park with dinosaurs, in the pure style of “Jurassic Park”. The “Restless Planet” park will cost 1,000 million dollars (700 million euros), have an area of 152 km, hundreds of robot dinosaurs. According to the general director of the park, Mustafa Galadari, the place offer “a visual, acoustic and tactile experience, which will allow visitors to perceive some of the most exciting things that have happened during the history of planet Earth,” and thus insists that the effect will be “extremely realistic and terrifying, but at the same time pedagogical. Among other things, the dinosaurs have potentiometers and movement sensors, which allow them to follow the visitors with their eyes, identify specific colours of clothes, and regulate their movements… until they end up devouring the most curious.